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Valley Water Board of Directors extends declaration of flood emergency

January 11, 2023
Valley Water workers

SAN JOSE – The Valley Water Board of Directors voted Tuesday to extend a countywide flood emergency declaration first signed by CEO Rick Callender on Jan. 4, 2023.

Due to recent heavy rainfall over the past several days and additional storms in the forecast, countywide flood emergency conditions continue to exist. 

The Board’s decision to extend the declaration continues to provide Valley Water the legal authority to take quick, emergency action necessary to preserve life and property in Santa Clara County.

“This series of atmospheric rivers has greatly impacted Santa Clara County,” Valley Water Chair John L. Varela said. “Thanks to this emergency declaration being put in place before the extreme weather arrived, Valley Water did important work in our waterways that cleared out blockages and removed debris, downed trees and sediment so water could flow freely in our rivers.”

According to state law, for the emergency action to remain in place, the Board of Directors must do the following:

  • Agree by a four-fifths vote to extend the declaration at every regularly scheduled Board meeting until the emergency action is terminated.
  • Determine that there is a need to continue the emergency action

On Dec. 31, 2022, Valley Water activated its Emergency Operations Center due to heavy rainfall and flooding and provided relief operations throughout the county. As a result of a series of atmospheric rivers, localized flooding occurred along San Francisquito Creek, Upper Penitencia Creek, West Little Llagas Creek and Uvas Creek. 

Valley Water’s stream, reservoir and precipitation gauges can be found here:

Valley Water manages an integrated water resources system that includes the supply of clean, safe water, flood protection and stewardship of streams on behalf of Santa Clara County's 2 million residents. The district effectively manages 10 dams and surface water reservoirs, three water treatment plants, an advanced recycled water purification center, a state-of-the-art water quality laboratory, nearly 285 acres of groundwater recharge ponds and more than 294 miles of streams. We provide wholesale water and groundwater management services to local municipalities and private water retailers who deliver drinking water directly to homes and businesses in Santa Clara County.