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Volunteer for Coastal Cleanup Day, Sept. 15

September 13, 2018
Coastal Cleanup Day 2018

Event:  2018 Coastal Cleanup Day

When:  Saturday, Sept. 15, 9 a.m. to noon

Where:  46 sites throughout Santa Clara County. See all site locations

Who:  Approximately 1,700 volunteers of all ages have registered to clean up a local creek site. Site sponsors include local government agencies, non-profit organizations, companies, and various community leaders.

Background: Each year, volunteers fan out to creek sites throughout Santa Clara County to clean up trash along the waterways during Coastal Cleanup Day. Trash in creeks can ultimately wind up in our bays and the ocean, landing on California’s coastline and impacting wildlife.

These cleanups have a great impact on the community. Last year, our volunteer cleanups contributed to the removal of 87,997 pounds of trash from local creeks in Santa Clara County. That’s equivalent to the weight of 33 midsize sedans! Not only do these volunteer efforts beautify and improve the health of our local rivers and creeks, but it also leaves participants with a lasting impression of the impact that trash has on our local creeks.

In past cleanups, the most common types of refuse encountered have been fast food cups, plastic bags, aluminum cans, Styrofoam packaging, and snack food wrappers. Rarer items have included car rims, microwaves, scooters, shopping carts, sofas, rugs, strollers, bicycles, and even a Christmas tree with lights.

Locally, Coastal Cleanup Day is coordinated by the Creek Connections Action Group, a consortium of public agencies and non-profit organizations, including Santa Clara Valley Water District, Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation and various local cities.

Following the lead of the California Coastal Commission, the CCAG formed in the fall of 1995.

Reserve your spot, click here to register today:




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