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Rinconada Water Treatment Plant Reliability Improvement

About This Project

The Reliability Improvement Project is aimed at retrofitting, upgrading and/or replacing key equipment that is reaching the end of its natural life, addressing the areas of raw water ozone, flocculation and sedimentation. Filtration and redundant disinfection.

The work will also increase the plant’s treatment capacity from 80 million gallons of water a day to 100 million gallons a day and help the district meet increasingly stringent standards for water quality, seismic stability and safety.

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Phase 2
All 5 Phases targeted for completion by 2027
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Environmental and Community BenefitsEnvironmental and Community Benefits
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News & Updates

Valley Water reaches milestone in Reliability Improvement Project 

In October 2020, Valley Water completed Phase 2 of the Reliability Improvement Project. Nearly half a dozen water treatment functions were built or upgraded, including:

  • Raw water flow control and metering facility. 
  • An ozone contactor structure for future disinfection of drinking water. 
  • Flocculation and sedimentation basins to gently mix and clarify water. 
  • A washwater recovery facility to help recycled unused water.
  • An electrical building to help power the plant. 
  • A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) computer system to monitor and control the plant. 

Phase 3 begins in 2022

The next phase of the Reliability Improvement Project includes demolishing four concrete clarifiers, which removes solids from untreated water. Each clarifier can hold about 2.2 million gallons of water. The work will create free space to add 12 new filters, an ozone generating facility and chlorine contact basin during the subsequent phases.

Residuals Remediation Project

Valley Water is pausing this year on the Reliability Improvement Project as it reviews Phase 3 designs. The treatment plant will continue routine operations to ensure the ongoing treatment and delivery of safe, clean drinking water. In early summer, Valley Water will begin the Residuals Remediation Project to improve how the treatment plant handles solids following the water treatment process. The work includes: 

  • Upgrading gravity thickeners. 
  • Remodeling centrifuge feed pumps that transfer thickened sludge.  
  • Demolishing and replacing small sludge storage mixing tanks with larger ones. 
  • Demolishing an existing wash water recovery pond and basin.
  • Adding conveyors and pumps.
  • Upgrading the existing belt press building to accommodate new centrifuges that separate liquids from solids.    

The project is scheduled to begin in June 2021 and finish in March 2023. Construction details related to work hours and noise and traffic impacts are forthcoming. 

Public meeting videos available on You Tube

Valley Water keeps a video library of its past community meetings on its You Tube channel at        

For any questions, please contact the water treatment plant's neighborhood liaison, Tony Mercado, at 408-630-2342 or via email at [email protected] 

Contact information
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Neighborhood Liaison Tony Mercado during regular business hours at (408) 630-2342, or by email at [email protected]. He can also be reached after hours at (408) 426-1039. 

If an urgent problem arises after regular business hours, please call the on-duty plant supervisor at (408) 265-2607, ext. 2121.

Valley Water s committed to providing a healthy, clean, reliable and affordable water supply that meets or exceeds all applicable water quality regulatory standards in a cost-effective manner

Environmental & Community Benefits

The Reliability Improvement Project will replace or upgrade all major plant components and increase Rinconada’s treatment capacity to 100 million gallons of water a day. These enhancements will also result in improved taste for your drinking water. The Project includes the design and construction of new facilities, including raw water ozonation, flocculation and plate settler clarification and dual media filtration. This work will also help the district meet increasingly stringent standards for water quality, seismic stability and safety.

This completed project will use the following steps in drinking water treatment:

  • Raw Water Ozone
  • Flocculation and Sedimentation
  • Filtration
  • Redundant disinfection
History & Background

The Rinconada Water Treatment Plant is Valley Water’s oldest treatment plant, having provided continuous and reliable service since 1967. While Rinconada primarily serves the west side of Santa Clara County, residents across the county contribute to the project funding through water rates.