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Agricultural Assistance Programs


Incentive Programs

In addition to Valley Water’s free Mobile Lab service, the following program can help you cost-effectively help the environment.

Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)


Receive financial and technical assistance to start projects that improve natural resource management and yield environmental benefits including improved water and air quality, conserved ground- and surface water, reduced soil erosion and sedimentation, or improved/created wildlife habitat. The Natural Resources Conservation Services can help!

PG&E’s Agriculture and Food Wastewater Energy Program (WEP)

Receive financial assistance to implement energy efficiency and water conservation projects for agricultural-, food-, and beverage-processing facilities.

Organizations to Help

Santa Clara County Farm Bureau

Learn about scholarships, water quality programs, and local resources to protect, promote, and preserve agriculture and ranching as a business and way of life in Santa Clara County.

University of California Cooperative Extension, Santa Clara County (UCCE)

The UCCE offers a Small Farm Program to provide production and marketing information to farmers not reached by traditional extension programs. The Small Fall Program can help connect farmers to local advisors, research, and news to help their business.

Do you have or are trying to start an Urban Farm, or Community and School Gardens? Do you have an existing farm or garden, yet need assistance in any of the following:

Then the UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) can help and more!


For more information about this program, contact Ashley Shannon at (408) 630-2951. To learn about Valley Water’s other water conservation programs, contact the Water Conservation Hotline at (408) 630-2554 or email [email protected]