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Low Income Senior Parcel Tax Exemption


Senior Parcel Tax Exemption

The application period for the 2019 Low-Income Senior Exemption Safe Clean Water Tax is April 15 - June 30, 2019.

Are you 65 years old or older? Live in your own home as your primary residence? The Santa Clara Valley Water District offers an exemption for qualifying low-income seniors from the Safe, Clean Water special parcel tax. The tax was approved by the voters in November of 2012.

Program Requirements for 2018

  • Born before June 30, 1955

  • Total Household Income for 2018 was less than $53,854 (See Frequently Asked Questions, page 2-3 of the application packet available below, for explanation of Total Household Income)

  • Own your home and live in it as your primary residence

  • Please note that mobile homes in parks and homes that are in an irrevocable trust are not eligible for this exemption

New to the program?

  • The Enrollment Period is April 15 to June 30. If you miss the enrollment period you must wait for the next year to apply.

  • All new applications must be received in this office by June 30 to be exempted for the upcoming property tax year (You may download a new account application below.)

  • Application must be signed and a copy of proof of age provided. If not, it will be returned to you.  (See Frequently Asked Questions, page 2-3 of the application packet available below, for explanation of proof of age)

Already receiving the exemption? 

  • Once you have submitted the application, you do not have to re-apply every year

  • In early April, we will send you a letter with a verification form for you to fill out on the back

  • Fill it out, sign it, and send it back in the envelope provided

  • Verification form must be signed and the three questions answered. If not, it will be returned to you 

  • Once we have your completed verification form and you meet the requirements again for this year, we will renew your account and you will receive the exemption for another year

  • If you do not return your verification form or you no longer qualify, you will be removed from the program and will be charged again

  • To be re-instated in the program you must re-apply during the next enrollment period

  • Verification forms for ongoing enrollment are due by June 30

Forms are only available during the enrollment period.

If you would like more information you can download the program information and frequently asked questions below.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]  or call the SCVWD Tax Hotline: (408) 630-2810 and leave us a message.