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Water Cycle Boogie Lesson


Objective: Students will be able to describe the water cycle.


  1. Make a copy of the song, " Water Cycle Boogie ," for each participant.
  2. Put eight different colored beads, one each of yellow, clear, white, light blue, dark blue, brown, orange and green, and one 15-inch strip of leather into a baggy for each participant.
  3. Review the tune for "Skip to My Lou" and the song, "Water Cycle Boogie." 




  1. Review tune "Skip to My Lou" with students. Sing a verse.
  2. Distribute song sheets.
  3. Say the first line. Invite students to repeat it after you. Follow this pattern for the first verse.
  4. Sing the first verse of "Water Cycle Boogie."
  5. Distribute baggies with eight beads and leather strips to students.
  6. Ask students to take leather strip out of the bag and to hold the longer end.
  7. Ask students: 

    Which color goes on first? (yellow)

What does it stand for? (the sun)

  1. Direct students to put the yellow bead on the leather strap next to the knot.
  2. Do the second verse in the same manner. Have students repeat each line after you. 
    Sing the verse. Ask:

Which color goes next? (clear)

What does it stand for? (evaporation)

  1. Direct students to put the clear bead on the leather strap.
  2. Continue with the next verse using the same strategy. Colors and meaning include:

white: cloud

light blue: condensation

dark blue: precipitation

brown: runoff

orange: infiltration

green: transpiration

  1. When all the beads are on the leather strap, direct students to put a knot after the last bead.
  2. Help students to put on their bracelets. 
    Touch each bead and ask students to tell you what it represents. You say, "Yellow?
    (They respond, "Sun.") Clear? (evaporation) White? (clouds) etc.
  3. Sing the song from the beginning to the end. 
    Invite everyone to stand and sing the song and do the macarena. It’s fun!