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How much water graywater saves

Put simply, irrigate a medium-water use tree with every load of laundry you send to your yard.

On average, Laundry-to-Landscape systems save between approximately 4,500 and 14,500 gallons per household a year! (2017 report by Alliance for Water Efficiency and 2012 report by Greywater Action in collaboration with the City of Santa Rosa and Ecology Action of Santa Cruz) This is enough water to irrigate 800 square feet of trees, shrubs, and vines in most climates. The actual amount of water you may end up saving from using graywater depends on:

  1. How much graywater you actually produce 
  2. How much water you use in your landscape that can be replaced with graywater

Up to 60% of a home’s indoor water use may become graywater and about 50% of all water is used in the landscape--that is a lot of potential savings by sending graywater into your yard!