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Lexington Reservoir and Lenihan Dam

Lexington Reservoir and James J. Lenihan Dam are located on Los Gatos Creek about three miles south of the town of Los Gatos. The dam was constructed in 1952. Initially, the dam was referred to by different names, primarily "Windy Point Dam," because the location of the proposed dam was near an obscure spur known as Windy Point. In 1947, water district directors decided to name the dam and reservoir for Lexington, a small nearby community that was sacrificed when the reservoir was built. In 1996, Lexington Dam was renamed for James J. Lenihan, the Santa Clara Valley Water District's longest-serving director with 37 years of service.

The 2.5-miles-long reservoir is the second-largest water district reservoir. The reservoir capacity is 19,044 acre-feet of water. Its surface area is 412 acres*.

Inundation maps
Inundation Map of Hypothetical Fair Weather Failure of Lenihan Dam (index map)
Inundation Map of Hypothetical Fair Weather Failure of Austrian Dam and Lenihan Dam (index map)

Final SSE2A Reports (December 2012):

Projects and information:

*Reservoir storage values have been updated to reflect recent survey results.

Lexington Reservoir