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Types of Water Waste to Report

Common examples of water waste from irrigation systems we encourage residents to report:

Overspray & Runoff


Watering sidewalks, roads, or other permeable hardscape can be avoided with more efficient irrigation equipment.

Runoff is when a landscape is oversaturated with water which causes the water to follow the path of least resistance off the landscape, instead of being absorbed into the soil. Runoff can be avoided by reducing irrigation timing and implementing a "cycle-and-soak" method. 








Broken Irrigation

Irrigation equipment can break and cause high-flow geysers or flooding of the immediate area. 







Irrigating or Watering During Restricted Hours

Find Your Water Retailer can help you determine the restricted hours to irrigate in your area. It's most efficient to water landscapes during the evening or early morning.






Washing a Car without a Positive Shut-Off Nozzle

Washing your car at home should be done with a positive shut-off nozzle, a bucket, and so the water runs off into your landscaping [PDF]. Many commercial car washes recycle their water: find a local car wash to save water and protect our waterways. periodically offers discount cards for participating car washes.





Watering During or Immediately After Rainfall

No irrigation is allowed within 48 hours of measurable rainfall (defined as 1/4-inch of rain or more).





Leaking Water Meters

Contacting your water retailer can help you fix leaking water meters.