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Videos and other Useful Resources

Individual links to videos and websites:

Water in Santa Clara County:
Where Does Your Water Come From? (Animated video)

Groundwater is water that flows beneath the surface through small pores and cracks in the rock and soil. In Santa Clara County, nearly half of all water used comes from groundwater. The county's groundwater basins have vast storage capacity, estimated to be two times the capacity of all the district's 10 surface reservoirs combined. 

“I Am Red” a short video that highlights the issues of an over-tapped river and focusses on the stresses on the Colorado River as a result of water diversion.

Purified Water:
The new Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center uses the most advanced technology to purify up to 8 million gallons of highly purified water per day. Take a virtual tour of the purification center to learn more.

Wastewater Treatment:
San Jose-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility website and video tour.

Residential Water Use Statistics (see page 5):
Study by the Water Research Foundation into water use.

Water Saving Tips and Programs:
Information about our rebate program and ideas for ways to conserve from the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Santa Clara Valley Water District Fast Facts Brochure:
Santa Clara Valley Water District Fast Facts Brochure with information about our county water infrastructure.

Stormwater & Pollution Reduction:
Watershed Watch Campaign is a county initiative dedicated to raising awareness about protecting watersheds and preventing stormwater pollution:

“You are the Solution to Water Pollution” brochure.

The Majestic Plastic Bag: A “mockumentary” that gives a humorous but thought-provoking look at the issues of plastic pollution.