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What Happens When You Submit a Water Waste Report?

When Valley Water receives a water waste report, we open a case and make efforts to contact the responsible party for the property wasting water. Letters are mailed to the property owner and site visits are conducted in order to educate the property owner and prompt them to take action. 

Please support our efforts in increasing water-use efficiency by reporting water waste issues

First Report: 

  • Notification letters are mailed in response to reports of broken sprinklers, excessive irrigation runoff, watering during restricted times/days, or other water waste issues. Notification letters inform the property owner of the reported violation and recommends ways to resolve it. In most cases, learning they have a broken sprinkler or are inadvertently wasting water by watering during restricted times, the resident or business owner understands and takes care of the issue.

Second Report: 

  • If Valley Water receives a subsequent water waste report for the same violation at the same location, a second notification letter will be sent to the property owner and the site may be inspected in an attempt to verify the violation.

Third Report: 

  • On the third report of the same water waste violation, Valley Water will refer the case to the water retailer responsible for that address.
  • How the water retailer responds varies with the jurisdiction. Water retailers may contact the property to provide education, install a flow restrictor, or issue a fine.
  • Check with your local water provider to learn more about their water waste procedures.