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Groundwater Benefit Zone Study


The water district protects and replenishes local groundwater supplies to ensure water supply reliability for Santa Clara County. Management of the sustainable groundwater supply is funded by groundwater charges, which are applied to groundwater pumpers within zones benefiting from district activities. These activities include replenishing groundwater with local and imported surface water, monitoring and protecting groundwater from pollutants, and constructing, operating, and maintaining facilities that help sustain groundwater supplies.

The district is currently conducting a study to evaluate the extent of the zones of benefit to ensure they accurately reflect the areas receiving benefit from district activities to protect and replenish groundwater. The study is not evaluating the rates that are charged within the zone of benefit. This study will provide the district with a scientific, transparent basis for proposing changes to the current zones of benefit, if necessary.

How to participate
The community is invited to provide input into the Groundwater Benefit Zone Study throughout the planning process, and related input received will be provided to the district’s Board of Directors.

Related Information

Contact: George Cook, [email protected],  408-630-2964