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Free testing for domestic well owners


Valley Water is offering to collect water quality samples from Santa Clara County residences served by domestic wells. This helps us protect groundwater and helps domestic well users better protect their health. Testing includes nitrate, bacteria, hardness, total dissolved solids, fluoride, and sulfate, chloride, bromide, and orthophosphate. 

Is my well eligible for testing?

  • Call our Groundwater Hotline at (408) 630-2300 to find out if you are eligible. 
  • Testing is available only for domestic wells located within Valley Water groundwater benefit zones W-2, W-5, W-7 or W-8. 
  • For shared wells, one sample will be collected at the property where the well is located. Results will be shared with other well users upon their request.

How does the testing program work?

  • We will collect a sample of your untreated well water. Please make sure an outdoor hose bib near your well is accessible. The appointment should take less than 30 minutes.
  • Participants must sign a right of entry agreement. We cannot collect a sample without a signed form.
  • We will send you the laboratory results within about three weeks along with information on additional actions you may want to take based on your results.

What if I’m not eligible for Valley Water's testing or want to test my water myself?

  • Valley Water encourages well owners to test their water annually by a certified laboratory. You should also have the water tested if you notice a change in the water’s taste, odor, or appearance.

Para obtener información en español acerca de pruebas gratuitas del agua de su pozo llame a Victoria Garcia al (408) 630-3136.