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Board of Directors Annual Performance Reports


The board has developed a framework for assessing its performance against a range expectations, which are established through its policies and provide a foundation for transparent and accountable board governance.

Both the board’s Governance Process and Board Appointed Officer Linkage Policies provide the basis for the board’s performance framework. These policies have been designed as measures and indicators intended to monitor the Board’s performance toward achieving its stated policies.

Specifically, the board monitors its performance as required by Governance Process Policy 2.8: The Board will monitor the Board’s process and performance. Self-monitoring will include comparison of Board activity and discipline to policies in the Governance Process and Board-BAO Linkage categories.

The Board’s annual assessment process includes identifying, collecting, and analyzing performance data and reporting out by calendar year. The first report for 2014 serves as the starting point, and going forward, the Board will able to refine and improve its performance framework.

For questions about the Board’s Performance Framework, please contact Clerk of the Board Michele King, CMC, at [email protected]