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Uvas/Llagas Watershed Fast Facts


104 square miles

San Jose
Morgan Hill

Llagas Creek   
Jones Creek
West Little Llagas Creek
Madrone Channel
Crews Creek
Miller Slough
Pajaro River
Princevalle Drain
Uvas-Carnadero Creek
Pacheco Creek
Sargent Creek
Corralitos Creek
Maple Creek
Foothill Creek
Tenant Creek 
Tick Creek
Public Law 566 - Upper
Public Law 566 - Lower  
Ortega Creek
Burchell Creek
Croy Creek    
Sycamore Creek                       
Gavilan Creek
Upper Llagas Creek
Lower Llagas Creek
Alamias Creek
Milias Creek
West Branch Llagas Creek
Center Creek
San Martin Creek
Church Creek
Day Creek
Dexter Creek
East Little Llagas Creek
Edmundson Creek
Lions Creek
Little Uvas Creek
Solis Creek
Farman Creek
Tilton Creek
Pescadero Creek
Eastman Canyon Creek
New Creek
Panther Creek
Rucker Creek
San Ysidro Creek
South Corrallitos Creek
Skillet Creek
Little Arthur Creek
Bodfish Creek
Hayes Creek
Machado Creek
Paradise Creek
South Morey Channel
North Morey Channel
Tar Creek
Dewitt Creek
Heron Creek
Lower Miller Slough
Upper Miller Slough
Babbs Canyon Creek
McLean Creek
Live Oak Creek