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Rainwater Harvesting Systems


Rainwater harvesting systems allow you to use your yard to retain and clean rainwater.

Capturing and storing rainwater reduces the need for irrigation with drinking water. Using permeable pavement, rain gardens, swales, or dry creek beds, you’ll help reduce peak runoff during rain events, allowing the soil to soak up rainfall and give soil microbes a chance to filter some of the pollutants. These features may also add a unique, creative look to your landscape. 

South Bay Green Gardens has additional information, videos, technical guidance, and other resources to help implement rainwater harvesting systems.

Rainwater harvesting information

Rebates available

Residents and business owners are eligible for the Rainwater Capture Rebate through Valley Water's Landscape Rebate Program. Find details and steps to qualify for the rebate on the Online Application Portal.

Rainwater Capture Rebate information