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Valley Water Retirees Information



This website is intended to provide Valley Water retirees with more information regarding retiree healthcare benefits. If you have any questions, please contact a Benefits staff member at (408) 630-3030

Open Enrollment 2023 Medicare

February 27, 2023 - March 17, 2023, For an April 1, 2023 effective date 

1. 2023 Information Memo

2. 2023 Retiree Benefits Guide

3. Enrollment Change Form

4. Go Paperless! Opt Out Form NEW! E-Sign and Submit this form online!

5. Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs)


NEW: E-sign and submit Medicare Part B Payment Request e-forms online!

2023 Links to submit Medicare Part B Reimbursement Forms online!


    Benefits Information Dental/Vision/Deferred Compensation/ARDE

    Blue Shield PPO/HMO Information 
    Group# W0051426

    Blue Shield Health Plan Documents

    Kaiser Information, Group# 7189


    Delta Dental:(for eligible retirees only)

    Vision Service Plan (VSP) (for eligible retirees only)

    Deferred Compensation