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One Water Plan



To manage Santa Clara County water resources holistically and sustainably to benefit people and the environment in a way that is informed by community values.

Uvas Reservoir - Jim McCann


  • A 50-year roadmap for integrated water resource planning on a watershed scale in Santa Clara County
  • One Water will serve as the district’s flood management plan and stream stewardship master plan. It will also identify where there is a nexus between the district’s flood protection, stream stewardship, and water supply functions. The plan will provide a framework for measuring improvements in watershed health through science-based metrics and targets.


  • Identify and prioritize water resource investments across the organization’s three functions of flood protection, environmental stewardship, and water supply
  • Provide information to cities and the county to inform their land use decisions
  • Form the basis of future parcel taxes/ballot measures
  • Potential to improve the process for permitting on a watershed scale


  • Santa Clara County and its five major watershed areas


  • Complete One Water Framework and Coyote Watershed Plan by FY2019
  • Complete One Water Plan (all five watershed plans) by FY2021
One Water Objectives

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