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Overview of the rebate process

Complete the following steps before taking action on your project ideas.

Note: Projects that have been started, or projects that have already been completed prior to application approval, are not eligible. 

  1. Create a user account. Go to the Online Application and create a user account. Customers who do not have the ability to submit an online application should call (408) 630-2554 for assistance.

  2. Apply. Provide information about existing site conditions using the Online Application. Include photos, the estimated size of the project area (square footage), and/or existing equipment information. Customers will be contacted directly by Valley Water to schedule an onsite pre-inspection as needed after submitting existing site conditions.

  3. Pre-inspection approval. After pre-inspection approval, customers will submit their proposed project details online, including a full plant list and a description of their project for the Landscape Conversion Rebate and/or the quantity and make/model of their proposed irrigation equipment upgrades as appropriate.

  4. Application approved. Once the application is approved, customers will be issued an official Notice to Proceed and will have 90 days to complete their project. Do not begin removal of your lawn/pool or the purchase of materials for your project until you have received a written Notice to Proceed from Valley Water.

  5. Project completion. Upon project completion, customers will request a final post-inspection and provide any documentation requested, such as photos or receipts. Rebate checks will be issued 4-6 weeks after the post-inspection date if approved.