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Water Conservation Programs

Drought Updates

Substantial rain to begin 2023 lifted Santa Clara County out of drought for the first time in three years. Learn about the latest developments and regulations by visiting our Drought Information page.  


Commercial Watering Ban

The State of California has banned the watering of decorative grass by commercial, industrial and institutional (CII) properties, including homeowners' associations. 

The watering of decorative CII lawns is now subject to fines under a new Valley Water ordinance. The regulation does not apply to residential lawns, school fields, sports fields, or areas regularly used for civic or community events.

Valley Water offers rebates of up to $100,000 to help you transform your landscape with low-water use California native plants, mulch over your lawns, upgrade your irrigation system, or upgrade your facilities with water-efficient technologies.

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All Water Conservation Programs

Valley Water offers a variety of rebates, surveys, and free gear to help you conserve water. See an overview of our conservation programs [PDF]. Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese versions are available.

Other Conservation Resources

South Bay Green Gardens

Visit South Bay Green Gardens to learn more about conserving water, preventing pollution, promoting healthy soils, and events in the Bay Area.


Call the Water Conservation Hotline at (408) 630-2554 or email [email protected].