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Water Conservation Programs


Landscape Rebate Program

Do you know that at least half of the water in a typical Santa Clara County home is used outdoors?

Our rebates can help transform your lawn into a beautiful water-wise landscape. Up to $3,000 is available per residence and up to $100,000 per commercial and multi-family sites.

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Water Conservation Infographic

Water Conservation Infographic

This infographic highlights Valley Water’s various water conservation programs and how they can be incorporated into homes and landscapes. 

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All Water Conservation Programs

Valley Water offers a variety of rebates, surveys, and free gear to help you conserve water. See an overview of our conservation programs [PDF]. Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese versions are available.

Other Conservation Resources

South Bay Green Gardens

Visit South Bay Green Gardens to learn more about conserving water, preventing pollution, promoting healthy soils, and events in the Bay Area.


Call the Water Conservation Hotline at (408) 630-2554 or email [email protected].