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Sandbag distribution sites

Click on image to download a PDF map of sandbag distribution sites

Valley Water offers free-filled sandbags for residents of Santa Clara County. The sandbag sites listed below are managed by Valley Water. Sandbag sites and sandbags are only available from November 1 through April 15 of each year.* Sandbags are not available before or after these dates.

*Subject to change depending on the weather.  

There are additional sandbag sites managed by various cities within Santa Clara County. These sites are stocked with either filled sandbags or sand and empty bags for self-filling and require you to bring your own shovel. Please bring assistance for loading heavy bags, if necessary. 

Be aware, some sites may require proof of residency.

Download a PDF map of sandbag distribution sites

During storm events, all of the sites may only be stocked with sand and empty bags. While shovels are provided at these sites, you may want to bring one with you just in case. Supplies may be limited.