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Water Wise Survey Program


Valley Water offers a two-part program to help you learn how to use less water in your landscape and home. This includes:

  1. Water Wise Outdoor Surveys, where we send a trained irrigation professional to evaluate your landscape's irrigation system, and 
  2. Do-it-Yourself Water Wise Indoor Survey Kits, where you learn how to independently check your home for leaks and efficiency improvement opportunities.

Call (408) 630-2000 for outdoor surveys or (408) 630-2554 to request an indoor survey kit.

Note: San Jose Water Company customers should request a CATCH appointment by calling (408) 279-7900 or emailing [email protected].
If you are interested in the Landscape Rebate Program, start the process here.

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Water Wise Outdoor Surveys

To conserve water outside your home, the first step is understanding the maintenance needs and upgrade opportunities within your landscaping and home’s irrigation system. During this free outdoor irrigation survey offered to single family and small multi-family sites (under ½-acre) in Santa Clara County, a trained irrigation professional will complete a comprehensive evaluation of your irrigation system.

What To Expect?

Outdoor Survey Expectations

During the survey, the surveyor will:

  • Evaluate the efficiency of your irrigation system, noting and flagging problems that can be addressed or improved
  • Make recommendations for repairs, replacements, and upgrades (some of which may qualify for rebates)
  • Send you a detailed written report after the survey is complete
  • Provide you with a personalized irrigation schedule, if appropriate
  • Pre-inspect the site for the Landscape Rebate Program, if applicable
  • Check out this quick video for a survey summary

Seasonal check-ups on your irrigation system is the best way to ensure it's performing as efficiently as possible. On average, about half of the water used on residential sites goes to landscaping. A well-maintained irrigation system can help you reduce your water use drastically.

How To Qualify?

Outdoor Survey Eligibility Requirements

  • Homes that irrigate only with a portable sprinkler or hose attachment are not eligible.
  • Your property must have at least one valve-operated irrigation zone in order to sign up (see photo).
  • San Jose Water Company customers should request a Water Audit by calling (408) 279-7900.
  • Non-residential or larger multi-family properties, should sign up for our Large Landscape Survey Program.
  • Surveys are limited to a ½-acre residential landscapes. Single-family residences on larger lots are eligible for a "representative" survey of a portion of their landscaping: the maintenance and upgrade needs in one area of a larger landscape may also be needed elsewhere on the lot. 
  • Don't qualify? Check out these easy Watering Tips from EPA WaterSense.

How To Schedule?

Scheduling an Outdoor Survey

After confirming your eligibility above and getting your water account number, please choose any of these 3 options:

  1. Fill out this request,
  2. Email [email protected] with "Survey Request" in the subject line, or
  3. Please call the program hotline at (408) 630-2000. 

Please, have your water account number ready to complete the sign-up process. This can be found on your water bill. 

Note: San Jose Water Company customers should request a CATCH appointment by calling (408) 279-7900 or emailing [email protected].
If you are interested in the Landscape Rebate Program, start the process here.

DIY Water Wise Indoor Survey Kits

To conserve water inside your home, the first step is understanding how much water you use and where to look for potential leaks. The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Water Wise Indoor Survey Kit includes a step-by-step guide to teach you how to check for:

  • Sink/Shower flow rates,
  • Meter leak test,
  • Toilet leak test, and
  • General indoor leak information.

To receive free water conservation gear, such as a toilet flapper or low-flow sink aerators, please see below.

How To Get an Indoor Survey Kit?

Options To Get the Indoor Survey Kit

Online step-by-step guide

The DIY Water Wise Indoor Survey Kit includes a step-by-step guide to perform your own indoor survey, a worksheet to request free water conservation items, toilet dye tablets, and a simple device to help you measure the flow rates of your sinks and showers. 

To begin saving water indoors using the Indoor Survey Kit, you have 2 options. Please either:

  1. Use the kit’s online step-by-step guide for immediate help. This does not include the toilet dye tablets or the device to measure flow rates. Or,
  2. To get dye tablets and a simple flow-rate device along with a physical copy of the step-by-step guide, call our Water Conservation Hotline at (408) 630-2554 or fill out this request.

You will not receive free water conservation gear until you complete either of the 2 options described immediately below.

How To Get Free Gear?

Get Free Water Conservation Gear

After completing the Indoor Survey Kit's step-by-step guide described above, you have 2 options to get free water conservation gear:

  1. Fill out the electronic worksheet at This worksheet is where you enter your indoor survey results and the total items you’re requesting. Or,
  2. Fill out your responses on pages 9-10 in the physical step-by-step guide following the instructions on page 11.

If you want any water conservation literature instead of gear, give our Water Conservation Hotline a call at (408) 630-2554. We'll happily mail you our literature post-haste that include magazines on practical plumbing, easy water-wise gardening, gardening for wildlife, soil health, and more.

Checking for Leaks

After you complete the Water Wise Survey Program, you may have a better idea of whether a leak is indoors or outdoors. Though we are not equipped to pinpoint the specific location of a leak or to repair leaks we may encounter, WaterSense offers additional leak repair information. The average household's leaks can waste nearly 10,000 gallons every year! The most common types of leaks are found in toilets, dripping faucets, or leaking valves and are relatively easy to fix once you know where to look.

Additional Resources

Meter Leak Test (Para escuchar en español precione aquí.)
Kiểm Tra Rò Rỉ Bằng Đồng Hồ Nước

House Line Test (Para escuchar en español precione aquí.)
Kiểm tra đường ống nước vào nhà

Toilet Leak Test (Para escuchar en español precione aquí.)
Kiểm tra Rò rỉ Bồn cầu

Measure Flow Rates (Para escuchar en español precione aquí.)
Đo Lưu lượng Vòi nước và Đầu vòi hoa sen

QUESTIONS? Call the Water Conservation Hotline at (408) 630-2554 or email us at [email protected]. To schedule an outdoor survey, after reading the information above please call (408) 630-2000 or email [email protected].