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Floods Can Follow Drought

    As the flood protection authority for Santa Clara County, Valley Water takes flood protection seriously. Every year before winter, Valley Water crews prepare our waterways to help carry floodwaters safely. Our crews are hard at work removing vegetation and sediment to improve the flow of water. During the rainy season, our crews go out before, during, and/or after storms to clear creeks that we manage of debris and fallen trees that can cause blockage and result in flooding. We go the extra mile to help keep residents flood-safe.

    You too can take precautions to keep your family, property, and business flood-safe. You don’t need to share a fence with a creek to experience a flood. Many residents are unknowingly exposed to flood risks from storms, backed-up storm drains, and run-off from overtopping creeks. The first step toward being safe from floods is knowing your risk.

    We invite you to use this Are You Flood Ready Guide as a resource to follow these essential steps to GET FLOOD READY and keep your family, property, and business safe from flood. 

    Essential Tips to Get Flood Ready


    Call Valley Water at (408) 265-2600 or use Access Valley Water, our online customer service portal. 

    For any public inquiries on basic flood information, such as flood insurance, zones, mapping, etc., please send the inquiry to our Community Projects Review Unit (CPRU). They can be reached at 408-630-2650 or at [email protected]

      Be Prepared

      It's important to remember that flooding can happen any time it rains. Historically, floods have followed droughts. The extreme drought conditions that Santa Clara County has endured over the last year have hardened the ground. This hardening can increase run-off to streams and creeks during the first few days of heavy rain, elevating the risk of flooding.

      While Valley Water's projects have improved flood protection for more than 100,000 homes, businesses and properties, parts of Santa Clara County are susceptible to flooding every year.

      Past years have shown that we need to be prepared for anything. Climate change has made extreme weather the new normal, and as the rainy season approaches, we ask that you take some time to make sure you are ready in case of a flood. Read Valley Water’s 2022/23 Floodplain Mailer to learn more about the effects of climate change and how to ensure you are prepared for extreme weather events.

      As impending heavy rains approach, these additional flood-protection resources can be helpful to ensure you are flood-safe:

      • AlertSCC - Sign up for Santa Clara County’s official emergency alert and warning system. Use the information provided by AlertSCC to get the most up-to-date information on emergencies and disasters happening in your area.
      • American Red Cross Emergency Alerts - An all-hazards app allowing you to receive and monitor flood alerts based on location.
      • Surface Water Data Portal - The surface water real-time data portal allows users to easily navigate and self-serve Valley Water’s rain, stream, and reservoir sensor data. In addition, it strives to provide relevant flood information based on the readings from the sensors. Includes the flood watch thresholds and ALERT data. Please Note: Raw real-time data is always preliminary.
      • National Weather Service Alert - Watches, warnings, or advisories for Santa Clara County. This page shows alerts currently in effect for the county and is normally updated every two to three minutes.

      Flood Protection Resources

      Make an Emergency Plan at

      Flood Safety Advice: Before, During, After

      Sandbag Distribution Site Map & Information

      Download Disaster and Emergency Apps

      Insure Your Property from Flood Hazards

      Report Creek Blockages and Local Street Flooding

      Access the FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area Map to know your risks

      Click above for Valley Water 2022 Floodplain Mailer Flipbook
      Click the image above for the 2023 Flood Awareness Mailer