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Flood Protection Resources



As the flood protection authority for the county, Valley Water takes flood protection seriously. Every year before winter, Valley Water crews prepare our waterways to help carry floodwaters safely. Our crews are hard at work removing vegetation and sediment to improve the flow of water. During the rainy season, our crews go out during and after storms to clear creeks that we manage of debris and fallen trees that can cause blockage and result in flooding. We go the extra mile to help keep residents flood safe.

You too can take precautions to keep your family, property and business flood-safe. You don’t need to share a fence with a creek to experience a flood. Many residents are unknowingly exposed to flood risks from storms, backed-up storm drains, and run-off from overtopping creeks. The first step toward being safe from floods is knowing your risk.

QUESTIONS? Call the district at (408) 265-2600 or use Access Valley Water, the district’s online customer service portal.