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Large Landscape Survey Program


Program Notice

As part of our public safety response to novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Santa Clara Valley Water District (Valley Water) is asking staff to telework. Valley Water’s priority is to maintain the health and safety of our workforce and community. Large Landscape Surveys through Waterfluence are currently on hold. Though we will continue processing requests--properties will be placed in a queue on a first come, first served basis.

Immediately in effect for Water Conservation Programs, we are still able to serve you remotely for

  • working on your rebate projects, to request water-saving equipment, or to inquire how you can save water in your home and landscaping by emailing [email protected] or leaving a message at (408) 630-2554; 
  • scheduling a Water Wise Outdoor Survey through filling out this form, emailing [email protected], or leaving a message at (408) 630-2000 (until the Large Landscape Surveys begin again, properties that qualify for Large Landscape Surveys will be considered to participate in a Water Wise Outdoor Survey on a case-by-case basis.); or
  • reporting water waste through Access Valley Water, emailing [email protected], leaving a message at (408) 630-2000, or contacting your water retailer directly.

If you reach our voicemail, please leave a detailed message including your name, phone number, address and any additional information, such as your rebate number, that can best help us assist you. We encourage electronic submittals of rebate applications, survey requests, or reporting water waste. No home visits will occur while the Shelter in Place order is active.

Please allow extra time for processing your requests. Additional water-saving resources can be found at or through our Water Saving Video series. Thank you for your patience and for remembering that we are all in this together.

How Do You Schedule a Large Landscape Survey?

Click here to request a large landscape survey or use the contact information at the bottom of this page. Surveys are available Monday through Friday for qualifying properties. Please see below for eligibility information before submitting your request.

Who Is Eligible to Participate?

minimum of ½ acre of irrigated landscape and/or 1,000 CCF of annual irrigation water usage on all multi-family complexes, commercial, industrial and institutional (schools, parks, etc.) sites in Santa Clara County may be eligible for a complimentary large landscape survey. 

  • Upon tentative approval, the property's authorized representative will be required to agree to the program's participation agreement through an online portal maintained by the District's contractor, Waterfluence.
  • The property's authorized representative may be asked to input 1-3 years of water-use data for the property in order to qualify for the large landscape survey. District staff and Waterfluence will work with a property's water retailer in order to obtain water usage records for the previous several years whenever possible. The water-use data is important to help the property track its water-use against a site-specific irrigation budget that may be created as part of the large landscape survey.  

Residential properties with ½ acre of irrigated landscape or less should look into the Water Wise Survey Program. All other properties can find resources to independently improve their landscape's water-use efficiency here.

What's Included in the Large Landscape Survey?

  • System Check 
    Low-cost changes in practices and irrigation equipment can improve landscape appearance while reducing water use. A professional irrigation expert will focus on the existing irrigation system, observe it in operation and create an action list. They’ll look at the condition of controllers, sprinklers and drip equipment, how they operate and where relatively inexpensive changes could help save water and improve the health and appearance of your plants.
  • Water Budget (Optional)
    Waterfluence can create a site-specific water budget that can be calibrated to better reflect site circumstances. Their irrigation expert will look at all water budget assumptions including irrigated area measurements, plant water needs, micro-climates, and irrigation efficiency levels. Findings will be used to improve the accuracy of the water budgets shown on their online charts. This requires someone from your property to set up a site map and enter the last 1-3 years of irrigation water-use data. In addition to the water budget, you’ll gain access to tools to make your own controller maps to make future maintenance and surveys easier, and allow your property’s stakeholders to have access to the same, objective information about your water use.

  • Large Landscape Field Survey Results Report
    Irrigation technology is rapidly improving. The irrigation expert will conduct an analysis of your current irrigation system including controller(s), sensors, valves, spray bodies, sprinkler heads, and micro-irrigation. Based on the results, they’ll recommend possible equipment upgrades and solutions. And, when available, we will connect you with financial incentives and rebates offered by Valley Water to offset the cost of upgrades. 
    Report topics may include a summary of maintenance items and irrigation efficiency improvement recommendations.
  • Qualifying for the Landscape Rebate Program 
    Although not a pre-requisite for the Landscape Rebate Program, sites that complete a large landscape field survey may be eligible to apply for rebates through the Landscape Rebate Program. Sites can also pre-qualify for the Landscape Rebate Program without a landscape survey by contacting the Water Conservation Hotline for more information: (408) 630-2554. The Landscape Rebate Program provides rebates for replacing qualifying high water using landscape with qualifying low water using plants and for upgrading to high efficiency irrigation equipment including: 
    • Drip Irrigation
    • High Efficiency Nozzles
    • Rotary Sprinklers with Pressure Regulation and/or Check Valves
    • Weather Based Irrigation Controllers
    • Rain Sensors
    • Dedicated Landscape Meters, Flow Sensors and Hydrometers

How long is the program offered? 
Landscape field surveys are available until funds are depleted.

QUESTIONS? Call the Water Conservation Hotline at (408) 630-2554 or email us at [email protected]