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Water Wise Outdoor Surveys


Seasonal check-ups on your irrigation system is the best way to ensure it's performing as efficiently as possible. On average, about half of the water used on residential sites goes to landscaping. A well-maintained irrigation system can help you reduce your water use drastically. The Water Wise Outdoor Survey is a free service offered to single-family, multi-family and commercial properties with landscapes under ½-acre in Santa Clara County. During the outdoor survey, a trained irrigation professional will complete a comprehensive evaluation of your irrigation system. Please be aware that our surveyors do not carry tools to detect underground leaks, but they can help you narrow down whether a leak may be occurring indoors or outdoors.

Schedule a Water Wise Outdoor Survey 

Schedule a Survey 

Please have your water bill and water account number ready to complete the sign-up process. 


Eligibility Requirements 

To be eligible for a Water Wise Outdoor Survey: 

  • Your property must have a valve-operated irrigation system.
  • Surveys are limited to a ½-acre landscapes.
  • Single-family and multi-family properties on larger lots are are eligible for a "representative" survey of a portion of their landscaping. The maintenance and upgrade needs in one area of a larger landscape may also be needed elsewhere on the lot. 

Properties that are not eligible include:


During the Survey

During the survey, the surveyor will:

  • Evaluate the efficiency of your irrigation system, noting and flagging problems that can be addressed or improved
  • Make recommendations for repairs, replacements, and upgrades (some of which may qualify for rebates)
  • At your request, provide you with a Do-It-Yourself Water Wise Indoor Survey Kit. You can also order one through our shopping cart.
  • Send you a detailed written report after the survey is complete
  • Pre-inspect the site for the Landscape Rebate Program, if applicable and if there is enough time 
  • Not make any repairs to your irrigation system
  • Not detect underground leaks

Video: Water Wise Outdoor Survey

In this video, Valley Water tech Gregg Catanese describes the benefits of the free home water-wise inspection.

Landscape Rebate Program

The survey can help identify and prioritize improvements that may be eligible for rebates through Valley Water's Landscape Rebate Program. Our Landscape Rebate Program is designed to encourage residents to convert approved high-water use landscape to low-water use landscape, as well as to retrofit existing irrigation equipment. Completing a survey can help prioritize what projects you should undertake.

Available landscape rebates


For more information, call the program hotline at (408) 630-2000 or email [email protected].